One Thing Led to Another #1

Come and sit down, don’t stand there. Look what I’ll say: Do you know why people like to read my articles? Because I am writing like speaking. I do not use the sentence that will not come out of my mouth if we sit down and chat. My lips move when I write, I hear my own voice in my head. So this feeling passes on to the reader. He or she makes me sit in front of him and chats with me. When i finish my sentence, i ask “what do you think about this?”. While some of them say “you’re right bro” and walk away quietly, some of them say “I have something to say” in the comments form, as known as sacred door for us, bloggers.

Written by
Sezer İltekin
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  • Hi Sezer.

    When i saw first time english button of your blog. I said woowww Sezer trying someting new thing. :)

    Also i want to say someting about your this words:
    ”My lips move when I write”

    I think a lot people (mostly writer) doing this like me :) But just few people know this. Or they still didnt put a name this like you.


    If you contine this blog (i mean english)
    I hope this. i will be around.

    *This is first comment of first english kelimelerbenim and i am not a robot.